GTB Technologies has been named a Top 10 Endpoint Security Solution Provider for 2023

GTB Technologies, Inc.,   The Content-Aware Data Security Co., today announced its has been named a Top 10 Endpoint Security Solution Provider.
The size of the worldwide big data security industry, which was valued at USD 24 billion in 2021, is anticipated to increase by 19% between 2021 and 2030 to reach USD 115 billion.


The industry is abundant with opportunities to innovate and excel. However, the sector encounters a wide range of challenges that require redefined strategies.  As an example, the abundance of security systems is an urgent concern. Consequently, it remains a challenge for experts to deploy enormous numbers of systems most effectively to obtain maximum results. What worsens the scenario is the need for more skilled resources across all levels.


Besides, the effective consolidation of systems is necessary for optimal results. But, unfortunately, it is only sometimes that the industry is able to achieve this. Yet another challenge is offloading or transitioning from on-premise solutions to cloud-based solutions. Both these challenges are aggravated by the need for more resources at different levels.


Strategic Approach

The industry requires a strategic approach here. Solutions that can address these challenges will always be in huge demand for the current and future data security industry. GTB Technologies, a West Palm Beach, FL-based enterprise, extends a unique approach that addresses the sector’s requirements and offers data security concerns per the altered requirements.  The cloud solutions empower its clients to make an easier and faster transition from on-premise to cloud solutions within ‘just a click.’

GTB Technologies aims to protect a company’s mission-critical data from data leakage by introducing a wide range of significant Data Security breakthroughs and a distinctive perspective to the market.

The firm has delivered a unified, cloud-delivered DLP solution that combines universal policies for data in motion, endpoint protection, discovery and protection, device and application management, data classification with watermarking, and file share and database auditing.  The approach to ensuring data security has evolved over the years. Extends an all-inclusive approach to data security while identifying unaddressed issues left unattended in the process.


Analyst Reviews

Analyst reviews from companies like Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and others frequently highlight GTB’s Data Protection / DLP platform because it offers a comprehensive enterprise Data Loss Prevention solution at a very competitive price and has a quick time to value.


“We have witnessed large-scale migration to our services from our competitors, especially in the last few years. We could attribute this trend to our services being second to none. Besides, we have always ensured that our solutions are easy to comprehend and easy to deploy. The solutions require minimal training,” explains Uzi Yair, CEO.

With real-time detection, classification, visibility, and management of cloud data utilization, GTB offers CASB-like capability. Using cutting-edge data detection tools,  GTB can identify and reduce the harm caused by insiders, insider threats, shadow IT, and anonymizers.  With a lengthy history of accurately securing sensitive data within cloud applications, GTB’s Enterprise Data Protection Suite is available on-premises, off-premises, and in the cloud as a SaaS that is a self-managed or hybrid service.


Case Study

A large insurance firm was in search of specific and diversified data security solutions. GTB was their final choice. The enterprise extended comprehensive data identification and protection strategies. The entire network could be monitored, and the client was enabled to have total regulatory compliance in place, specific to their requirements.


GTB’s expert data security solutions cover many aspects, including Native Cloud DLP, Data governance, Real-time Protection and control, Forensics, and Risk Management, besides ensuring total visibility without any restrictions.


Since its inception in 2004, the enterprise has had a steady ascent to the status of a leading firm among data security firms. The firm boasts a solid employee base with exceptional skill